Private Sale

Thank you for your expressed interest in our Smilo platform and your inquiry into the available investment opportunities.

Our private sale with variable bonus scheme will be defined by time of entry, vesting period and investment planned. Reason for this variable set up is to incentivize our early investors, commit to our journey for longer term (vesting period), also to avoid pump and dumps and other tactics that could harm the stability of Smilo to all of our interest, and then lastly to reward you for your level of investment. This combination will result in a bonus connected to your specific requirements.

Furthermore, to protect our investors from significant trading fluctuations, we have decided to gradually release your tokens spread equally over your selected vesting period. So from the launch of our mainnet to the end of your vesting period, we will release a proportionate percentage of your Smilo and SmiloPay every week.

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The project we are working on is quite complex and it requires external funding. Releasing a token which has no connection to the actual platform would only fuel baseless speculation. Therefore, making all Smilo tokens non- transferrable till mainet is the best option.

We will work with globally recognized SAFT agreements in the private sale process. As such we will execute our public sale upon the launch of our mainnet in Q2 next year and will release Smilo to the public directly from that point onwards. The public sale is planned to actively involve our community into our cause and recognize them for their interest in the Smilo Platform.

Max cap for the private phase is 13,6 MIO USD. Once achieved we will continue with our public sale of 4,4 MIO USD to reach our targeted total funding of 18 MIO USD. Our softcap is set at 2.5 MIO USD. To assure our early investors, please note we will return any investments in full should the softcap not be reached.

If you would like to participate, please register here and we will provide you with instructions and a tailored SAFT agreement.

Token Distribution

Private sale

  • Incentive: Variable; max 50% bonus tokens
  • Min investment: $25.000
  • Vesting period: Variable; 3 - 12 months after mainnet
  • Currency: USD, EURO, ETH, BTC

Public sale

  • Incentive: 0% bonus tokens
  • Max investment: $30.000 (1st 24hrs)
  • Vesting period: None
  • Currency: ETH
  • Total token supply
    200.000.000 Smilo
  • Circulating supply
    100.000.000 Smilo
  • Private sale
    63.360.000 Smilo
  • Public sale
    21.600.000 Smilo
  • Community bounties
    15.040.000 Smilo
  • Hard cap
    18.000.000 USD
  • Soft cap
    2.500.000 USD
  • Price
    1 Smilo = 0,25 USD